What do our students say? – IPTAS

What do our students say?

Olly Griffin is a third year student at IPTAS. He provided the following account of his time at IPTAS so far:

I am currently a Third Year student at IPTAS. Having had previous learning in the area of Sports Injury Therapy and  been self-employed in the industry, I realized that there were gaps in my knowledge and understanding. I considered many options to further my study and having consulted with past students of IPTAS, I decided to enroll.  IPTAS offers a comprehensive program which places patient safety and graduate competence as their top priorities. I have received expert tuition from experienced practitioners and tutors, and upon graduation I will be confident in my skills, and ready to provide the highest standard of service to my patients.

Upon graduation my scope of practice will be broader, meaning that I will not be required to refer patients to another professional to the extent that I previously experienced. Ultimately this means that I will be in a position to provide a more comprehensive assessment, treatment plan and rehabilitation program for patients, and thereby optimise revenue for my business. As a health care professional you need to consistently familiarise yourself with new research and developments in the field, and this is a core belief at IPTAS. Self directed learning is a skill that is developed from the beginning, and one that I will continue use in my career after graduation.