Patricia O’Sullivan – IPTAS

Patricia O’Sullivan

(BSc Hons HSci, PgC H. Ed, MA DAH)


Patricia O Sullivan (BSc Hons Health Science, PgC in Higher Education, MA DAH) has been involved in clinical practice and third level academia since 1997. She has worked with IPTAS since 2005 in the Professional Capabilities theme, teaching, developing and supporting students in their practitioner and clinical skills. Patricia has lectured, run clinics and worked as a team member in developing undergraduate degrees programmes and courses in both the UK and Ireland.

She has a strong interest in communication skills and behaviour, physiology, psychoneuroimmunology, healthcare and technology. Past research interests included cortisol (stress hormone) and empathy. She is presently involved in researching aspects of mental health in Ireland. Additionally, Patricia has worked in the field of sports massage, aromatherapy, stress management, cranio-sacral therapy and herbal medicine.