Manual Therapy is IPTAS’ New Physical Therapy Course – IPTAS

Manual Therapy is IPTAS’ New Physical Therapy Course

Building on 25+ years provision of premium quality physical therapy educational programmes, IPTAS has launched a new Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation Professional Diploma, offering students the opportunity to become confident, qualified therapists, ready to practice as soon as they graduate.

As an IPTAS qualified Manual Therapist, your scope of practice will allow you to assess, diagnose and treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. You may join a clinic or, as many IPTAS graduates choose to do, set up your own practice setting your own hours and working conditions.

The Manual Therapy Course features much of the original physical therapy curriculum, with upgrades. Taking place over three years, the flexible new part time format allows students to earn as they learn, fitting in alongside personal and work commitments. There is one weekend of classes per month, self-directed study and a clinical practice programme.

A regulation change in 2016 means that in order to carry the title Physical Therapist, students entering education from this year must graduate from a Physiotherapy university degree course. Becoming a Manual Therapist with IPTAS means that you will receive the same premium IPTAS Physical Therapy education with the scope of practice and confidence to work full time in this industry.

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