IPTAS Students Learn In A Live Clinic From Stage 1 – IPTAS

IPTAS Students Learn In A Live Clinic From Stage 1

If you are looking to start your career as a Professional Sports Therapist as soon as you graduate, IPTAS is your strongest option. From year one, students enter a structured clinical practice programme, treating real patients with actual conditions in a live setting. By the time they graduate, students will have over 200 hours’ supervised experience treating patients with a diverse range of injuries and issues. This is why 100% of our graduates report feeling confident enough to practice upon graduation.

Unlike other theory-led courses, your educational investment in IPTAS will repay itself straight away. Your exposure to a wide range of patients with varying concerns for the duration of the course gives you the competence and confidence to set up on your own or join an existing practice. Learning theory and watching simulated treatments alone does not prepare you for a real life end-to-end consultation. Make sure you choose a course that will train you to meet your goals in a timely, professional way.


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