The success and popularity IPTAS enjoys today is due as much to the commitment and professionalism of our graduate practitioners as it is to the ongoing development of education and practice.

A strong belief in the efficacy of a client-centred, manual approach to the management of musculoskeletal conditions underpins our work. The efficacy of this manual approach is now accepted, recognised and valued.

Our commitment is to continue developing the college and programmes to reflect best practice and to setting the highest standards in clinical education and patient care. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your potential in becoming a skilled and thoughtful practitioner in each of the four roles – Practitioner, Learner, Educator and Practice Manager.

At the Institute, we have fostered a nurturing and supportive environment with your professional development in mind.

As founder of the physical therapy profession in Ireland, IPTAS is recognised & respected for its commitment to producing top-class graduates for whom there is an ever increasing demand.


The Institute has led the growth of Physical Therapy and driven its development since 1989, when we founded the first Physical Therapy course in Ireland. The success and popularity Physical Therapy enjoys today is due as much to the commitment and professionalism of our graduate practitioners as it is to our ongoing development of education and practice. At the Institute we are very proud of the pioneering and innovative approach we took when establishing Physical Therapy as an accessible healthcare profession. Our approach has brought a patient-centred focus and hands-on skills to the fore in the care of all kinds of muscle related conditions and problems.

Under new legislation, Physical Therapists will be regulated under the new Physiotherapist Registration Board. IPTAS will no longer provide a Physical Therapy Course. However in response to strong demand we have launched two new professional diploma courses in Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation. We leverage from our extensive expertise to combine the same high standards of education with a new flexible format that reduces the barriers of a traditional full time course.

IPTAS is a member of the Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA). Membership is restricted to colleges meeting and abiding by stringent academic and operating regulatory criteria.


The Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science Limited (IPTAS) is a third-level institute of Higher Education and professional training. It is committed to providing specialist education in the disciplines of Manual Therapy & Rehabilitation / Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation to meet identified needs of both students and graduates. It offers opportunities predominantly for mature learners through its extended pathway programme and is also committed to providing access to learners from a wide variety of backgrounds.

IPTAS aims to produce capable, professional graduates and to support further development of the profession. It also aims to engage in health promotion to improve the musculo-skeletal health of the wider community.

IPTAS is committed to consistently achieving excellence in the provision and execution of its programmes and services. Our core aim is to ensure graduate competence and learner satisfaction. We achieve this by establishing and maintaining quality assurance and quality enhancement procedures for the purpose of further improving and maintaining the quality of our clinical education and training programme.

Our tutors are experts in the field of Physical Therapy. All are practitioners who manage busy physical therapy practices along their teaching.