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IPTAS is a member of the Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA). Membership is restricted to colleges meeting and abiding by stringent academic and operating regulatory criteria.


Studying at IPTAS


Established IN 1989

Our Institute founded the first Physical Therapy course in Ireland in 1989.



All our teachers are practitioners who manage busy physical therapy practices alongside their teaching.

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Our approach has brought hands-on skills and a patient-centred focus to the fore.



Opportunities are predominantly for mature learners through the IPTAS extended pathway programme.

What students think about IPTAS

Though I had studied Science and enjoyed the topic, I found myself in a career in retail. When the opportunity came to study evenings and weekends I knew it was right for me.
I started in practice pretty soon after graduating, moving after a little while to being self-employed which suits me best. These days I start work early a couple of mornings and also work late a couple of evenings. It gives a nice work/life balance where I can spend time with family and friends and still have financial independence while owning my own business.

Mary Kinsella

As a Personal Trainer I had a huge interest in sport and in that way came in contact with a lot of people that had injured themselves. I often wished I could help them! I looked for a good course and took advice from some well-established therapists, all of which pointed me towards IPTAS.

Mark Higgins

Those who know me know how much a part of my life Gaelic Football has been. So when I saw a career path that incorporated this I didn’t have to think too long about pursuing it.
Being part of the backroom team with the Kerry Senior footballers each year since I graduated has been a great experience. As well as treating sports people. I have a private practise from home. The work is fulfilling and I find it rewarding to track patient’s progress and feel that I can reduce discomfort and help them return to daily living.

Harry O'Neill

I started my practice while I was studying at IPTAS, doing a few hours a week as a remedial therapist as well as doing my full time job in the fitness industry. By the time I graduated, I had my own office in Swords practicing full time. Since then it has grown to a clinic consisting of three treatment rooms, including my own and a waiting area. My career has given me many rewards including funding for the purchase of my first home. Now I have a successful business, beautiful home and a rewarding career.

Leona Bermingham


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